Introducing The Godcasting Hub

The purpose of my Godcastinghub is to share my testimonies about my amazing encounters and revelations I have experienced with God. Of course, we all have our own encounters and when sharing these with each other, we receive ongoing revelations about God’s ways. 

Podcasting is an amazing media tool to share our messages. As a listener to my GodcastingHub, you will have access to short informative posts which you can listen to as you commute, exercise, or even when doing the dishes. 

Before God led me to repentance I heard testimonies about “what God can do” and somehow I actually believed them! My neighbor often shared stories with me about how God performed extraordinary and wonderful life-changing events in people’s lives.  Because God was drawing me with His loving kindness, I was eager to listen and marveled at what only God can do. 

The first testimony I have chosen to share is one of the many my neighbor shared with me. I borrowed the principle of this testimony and put my faith into action, implementing it during the first week of my conversion. This was very important to me as it was the first testimony I “borrowed and used”. It worked!

My attitude was if by faith I prayed the same prayer the person in the testimony prayed, would God do the same for me if I asked Him? I put my faith into action and God answered my prayers! This was a huge revelation for me as a very new Christian and set up a principle in my heart which I still implement to this day.

Over my 40 plus years of walking with God, I have learned a few lessons the hard way. After doing what I thought was His work, using my own understanding, I failed miserably. Because of the negative results doing things in my own strength, I learned to listen to Him first and then began to see very positive results. 

Recently I was having a conversation with God and He prompted me to start this podcasting channel. He made it clear to share testimonies that would inspire faith and pass on what I have learned and encourage my audience to apply the principles. The Bible is full of testimonies of people just like us who have heard from God, obeyed, and applied what He spoke to them. 

Here’s the thing: we never know the time or season of anyone’s heart. 

When sharing with others, God often quickens us with a testimony to share.

I have discovered, when I share my testimonies naturally and sincerely, they generally resonate with that person. We never know what anyone needs to hear, but God does. Scripture teaches us to be “in season at all times” and ready to give an account. I heard a saying once and have adopted it …. “be naturally spiritual and be spiritually natural when sharing with others”. 

What I have learned from this simple and profound saying is, when I am naturally being spiritual, it doesn’t come across as preachy or as a lecture! Stories and testimonies which flow naturally are readily received and so often really resonate and hit the nail on the head. Something nobody can take away from you is any genuine experience you have had. 

The other point I would like to emphasize is when we articulate our testimonies our body language relates to the authenticity and truth of it by the way we relive and reveal our experiences. The reality of the testimony shows in the brightness of our countenance, and all our gesticulations. 

Never underestimate the power of any of your experiences as you relive them in the telling! There’s nothing as inspiring as hearing Testimonies from others!

The other aspect of this dynamic is hearing God quicken a story or analogy to you. This I practiced when I was working amongst men in construction. These men came from all walks of life and I remember there were many occasions when I shared my testimonies with them. These became a natural extension to our conversations and it never felt like I was trying to convert them. 

Writing your stories in books is powerful but sharing them gives far more substance and interest because of the enthusiasm the audience can hear in your voice. 

It is the prayer of my heart for you to be inspired and use the principles of these testimonies I will share with you. What you glean from these testimonies I hope you will apply in your own life and also take the practical truth God has entrusted in you, to this needy world. 

“It’s no secret what God can do, what He’s done for others He’ll do for you”

God Bless You.