From as far back as I can remember my interests have been people and their relationships. People fascinate me with their unique gifts, talents, and colorful personalities. If anyone asked me to clarify and summarize this passion of mine in a sentence it would be this.
“I have always been interested in what are the motivations and reasons behind what makes people tick”Picture Here are some truths we all have to face. We are usually our own worst enemies, judging ourselves harshly, also our amazing gifts are so often our greatest weaknesses. We all struggle with where we fit in the puzzle of life, simply because we do not accept and love or value ourselves.
My journey through life has been a road less traveled compared to most people I talk with. Through the potholes of failure, insecurity, doubts, and fears to find myself, I am able to draw from this well of experiences. Through this self-awareness, I have learned so many things from my mentor of failure. Listening with all my ears and asking relevant questions has developed and taught me what I didn’t learn at school.
I am a born and bred New Zealander, 70yrs young, and began my life as a Farmer. I chose Dairy farming as a career after studying at Lincoln Agricultural University in Christchurch.
One of my lifetime goals was to buy a farm before I was 30 yrs old and in order to achieve this, I became a Forestry contractor, buying thousands of dollars worth of machinery and employing 2 men. After 3yrs of solid toil, the business failed, so I returned to farming and milking cows at 4.0am every morning. I did, however, achieve my goal and bought my farm in my 30th year!
God entered into my life just prior to purchasing the farm, and after this amazing encounter, all I wanted to do was serve Him and attend Bible college. God said no and the cowshed became my “Bible School of the Spirit”  where He taught me many principles at a profound level. 
Fast forward ….. The district where my farm was was where I Pastored a church for 12 years. I also had an encounter with God who taught me to write poetry. I continue to write to this day with His inspired and often prophetic guidance. This is another story that will be told in due course. 
During this time, I developed my ministry and neglected to attend to my own personal needs or development. Consequently, my marriage failed and I returned to the workforce and started addressing my issues. 
I have many true stories to share about my past experiences as I “grew up and developed” and the changes which I made. The wonderful part of this story is, when everything fell apart I was able to share my journey with those I worked with, this time as a builder and construction worker. 
Many of my workmates were often so impacted by what I shared with them they opened their hearts to me and shared what was happening in their lives. This really encouraged me and I saw many positive results helping them through their various personal issues. 
Rather than share all the information from my perspective, I have summarized points from my testimonies page, which share thoughts about how others have experienced and seen me.
What Others Say.
  • As a coach, Lloyd is a keen listener and his counsel is always right on point. He is also very adept in communication and can help anyone to transcend their relationship, so they can have more meaningful relations with the ones that they love.
  • You have the ability to see people, in the now, in their past and their future.
  • You have the Wisdom to analyze a situation, Compassion for others.
  • You are an encourager, and genuinely interested in other people’s wellbeing and success.
  • You have the wisdom & insight to see, & help others see, what they can’t see.
  • Lloyd has an innate and acute awareness of human nature:- He picks up on emotional stress and is able to understand and articulate the worries/concerns of others who don’t have the skills to express themselves properly. 
  • He is a very good listener – a rare talent. 
  • You are always optimistic, and incredibly positive.
  • Your number 1 skill is being a people person – your ability to meet, engage, relate, empathize, and communicate with people. Perception is the thing you can do easily when others find it hard.
  • Lloyd is a relentless encourager who has developed a unique ability to write poetry that can connect with people in a profound way. He has always been a person who wants to see what is going on behind the obvious and is focused on helping people up.
  • I was impressed at the lack of well-meaning advice, constructive criticism, or empty platitudes. But instead found a person who listened and had empathy for the total train wreck of my life. He encouraged me when I started to accept myself for who I was. All without that “well-meaning advice, constructive criticism or empty platitudes”.  
  • Lloyd seemed to have an in-depth understanding of not only male but also female perceptions and expectations of relationships.
My mess has now become my message and I can now weave what I have learned through this process to serve others. So often we can’t see the wood for the trees in our own lives and need an outsider’s wisdom and counsel to point us in the right direction.
I look forward to serving you through your transitions towards your transformation.