What can YOU learn from other people's testimonies?

The old testament examples are written collections of stories of mortal humans like us. These stories reveal many golden nuggets that we can glean from to develop our personal faith.
It's one thing to believe and have faith in doctrine but the real test of it is your personal practical experience of what you believe. When you have this experience, no matter how intensely you may be interrogated by anyone, you cannot deny or be talked out of your genuine experiences.
[soc_one_third] Glenorky Rd Flat [/soc_one_third] [soc_two_third class='last'] This reminds me of the account of the healing of the blind man in John chapter 9. No matter how much pressure the Pharisees put on the man his simple response was, "once I was blind but now I see". This is an example to us about having the experience of, which backs up our beliefs. [/soc_two_third]
The main purpose of this podcasting website is to share the experiences I have had with God. I hope this will encourage and inspire you to apply any little truth you hear, towards your own journey.
Here's the thing, we all grow as we share our experiences and glean spiritual truths from the experiences of others, which we too can then apply to our own lives. Listening to a previous generation share their stories and wonderful God experiences have been profoundly revelational for me throughout my journey. 
My dream is to pass on what I have learned through this God casting hub. I invite you to listen to these podcasts and please enjoy and glean any nuggets to apply to your own life.